Extrusion is the most modern and very versatile method of forming Aluminium. The aluminium logs, after casting to the specified alloy are fed into the continuous homogenizing furnace wherein it is heated to a desired temperature. The logs are then fed into hot log shear where the logs are sheared to required size billets. These are pushed under tremendous pressure, applied by a hydraulic ram, through a shaped aperture in a steel die. The die aperture may have almost any imaginable contour, thereby making it possible to produce infinite shapes and the cross sections can be sawed to the required lengths. It is possible to control the finish of the extruded sections to such a degree, during its passage through the steel die that no further finishing may be necessary, and if required, the part may be anodized straight away into attractive colours for higher consumer appeal.

We have cutting-edge aluminium extrusion presses and a modern tool shop equipped with the latest CNC, EDM wire cut and other ancillary equipment. Manufacturing a wide range of aluminium alloys that includes – AA 1XXX, 2XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX, and 7XXX, we are the first choice of customers of various manufacturing segments like Architectural, Aviation, Defence, Electrical, Electronics, Facade, Solar etc.

By adopting the latest technologies in our foundry, our aluminium profiles uncompromisingly have superior surface finish, and good chemical and mechanical properties that meet international standards. Similarly, our in-house tool shop assures us superior quality dies which are being used to produce intricate customised designs. We have a dedicated quality system for checking the quality of the product. Starting from the testing of inward raw material to the final inspection before dispatch of our extrusions, our QA team assures that our products exceed the customer’s expectation in all parameters with different shapes of profiles, we have the capacity to produce as wide as 400 mm profiles, depending upon shape, size & CCD.

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